How To Make Best CV Templates

How To Make Best CV Templates

Krishna Jain

Mail-ID  :

Phone   : 953812345


· Have around 3 years of experience in programming in a pharma-co-vigilance product development company.

·   Developed ‘Automatic Billing System’ for food industry using JQuery, Ajax, JSP and Servlets.

·   Implemented


[Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities] browser to ArisG productusing Struts2, Ajax and JSP.

·   Enhanced ESM Product to generate PDF report from XML using XSLT


ArisGlobal Software Private Limited

Software Engineer (August 2010 – To date)



J2EE TechnologiesServlets, JSP’s, JDBC and XML
GUIJSP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML
Scripting LanguageHTML, XML, AJAX, JavaScript, DOM and JQuery
DatabasesOracle 9i and MySQL
ToolsEclipse, IntelIJ and SQL developer.
ServersTomcat, Weblogic and Websphere
Source SafeVSS

Projects History

#1 Product

Product NameArisG
TeamCritical Response Team [CRT]
ClientRoche, Aspen, Galderma International, Teva, Nektar Therapeutics , Baxter Internationals, Abbot US,APC Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals EUROPE LTD, ICON Clinical Research, Pfizer Japan Inc,Daiichii, Intermune
RoleProduct Engineer/Developer
Project Duration6 months
Project DescriptionThis team demand to provide technical solutions and analysis in all modules of ArisG product to the client’s requirements with very short turnaround times. Using strong analytical, problem solving and debugging skills I have provided accurate solutions to the clients, here time management is of critical importance and understanding the client requirement is extremely critical in providing the solutions.
LanguageCore Java, Struts1, JavaScript, SQL, JSP, Servlets and Ajax

 #2 Product

Product NameArisg6.4[Main release]
ClientAbbot US, Japan
Project Duration1 year
Project DescriptionEnhanced DSUR [Development Safety update Report] in Admin side of ArisG product, which helps in providing security and configure DSUR in client side of ArisG. Fixed functional issues, script issues and bugs in the application
ResponsibilitiesInvolved in Analysis, Coding, and Testing of Application. Responsible for delivering quality work to the client. Worked on fixing bugs in the applications.
LanguageCore Java, Struts1, JavaScript, SQL, JSP, Servlets and Ajax

#3 Product

Product NameArisg5x and Arisg6x[Patch release]  
ClientAspen, Daichii, Pfizer and Teva
Project Duration6 months
Project DescriptionEnhanced QBE[Query By Example] to sort all the tables names and field name which was entirely in applet. Enhanced ATC dictionary to Product Screen, which will populate many text field [including fields in EBA grid] in product screen. Enhanced Undelete case operation search engine to handle special characters present in ArisG cases.
ResponsibilitiesInvolved in Analysis, Coding, and Unit testing of Application. Fixed the bugs in the application.
LanguageCore Java, Struts1, JavaScripts, SQL, JSP and Servlet

#4 Product

Product NameCVWeb
ClientHealth Canada
Project Duration3 months
Project DescriptionCVWeb is product which communicates with ArisG[main] product and helps in acknowledging the Study cases which is sent to the Authority. Enhanced medDRA dictionary browser to the ICSR screen, which is capable of generating PT, HLT, HLGT and SOC term decode when LLT decode is entered. Not only browser support, application is enhanced to auto populate few text fields when decode is enter in Reaction field. This is developed using Struts2 framework and Ajax.
ResponsibilitiesInvolved in Analysis, Coding, and Unit testing of Application
LanguageStruts2, Struts1, Ajax, JavaScript and JSP

#5 Product

Product NameESM
ClientHealth Canada
Project Duration3 months
Project DescriptionEnhanced product in generating R1 PDF Report from XML file using XSLT. Parsed XML file and designed PDF report populating xml data as required by customer using XSLT.
ResponsibilitiesInvolved in Analysis, Coding, and Unt testing of Application
LanguageXSLT, XML, Struts 1.3


Year: 2009 

Average: 70.82 %

  • B.Sc [Bachelor of Science] in Mysore University.

Year: 2006 

Average: 60.66%


  • Certified ArisG Level 1[ArisG User Certified Profession] and level 2 [ArisG Admin Certified Profession] exams in distinction.
  • NIIT certified Web Component Developer using Java Technologies.
  • Microsoft Certified “Programming in HTML5 with Javascript and CSS3 specialist”.

Technical Training 

·   Undergone Cognos high level training

·   Undergone JSF training under Tisya Software solution.
Extra Curriculum/Interests

·   Won the Second prize in inter-company volley ball tournament.       

·   Yoga, Pranayama, Photography and Listening to Carnatic music.

Personal Details

Father’s NameRaju Jain
Date of Birth16th January 1985.
Marital StatusMarried
StrengthsProactive attitude, good team player, good written and communication skills                                                                                                                                                        :       Hardworking dedication and good Communication skills
Thank you so much.