Ssc English 2nd Paper Question 2024 Model Test

Ssc English 2nd Paper Question 2024 Model Test

2nd  terminal examination 2022

Class: Ten                                             Sub: English 2nd paper

Time: 3 hours                                                    Total marks: 100

Parrt A- (Grammar)-60

  1. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the form of some of the words. You may need to use one word more than once.                                         0.5×10=5

Time is very (a) —- thing. Time(b) —- is lost once is lost for ever. There is (c) —– proverb, “Time and tide wait for none.” It is time which does not (d) —- the relative feelings. It does not wait  (e) —- anyone if it is not used (f) —- . It is really essential to realize (g) —- importance of time in our life. Those who have become (h) —- would make proper use of time. They never put (i) —- their work for tomorrow. That’s why, they have contributed (j) —- lot to the society.

  • Fill in the blanks with suitable words.                         0.5×10=5

Once there lived (a) —- poor man. He could hardly maintain his family (b) —- he did not have any land (c) —- cultivation. One day he bought (d) —- wonderful goose. The goose laid a (e) —- egg everyday. In a few months he became rich. But he was a (f) —- greedy man. He thought that there (g) —- more eggs in the belly of the goose. He wanted to get all the eggs (h) —- a time. So one day, he killed the goose and cut its belly open with (i) —- knife. But alas! there was no egg. Thus the greedy farmer (j) —- the useful goose.

  1. Make five sentences using parts of sentences from each column of the table below.                                       1×5=5
Self-confidencehelps should exercisea man to reach the goal of life.
Itisone to lose his self-confidence.
The lack of determinationleadsnot enjoyable.
Success without self-confidence one of the invaluable human qualities.
One it in order to overcome the problems of life.
  • Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box.                                                  0.5×10=5

You must have (a) —- the name of Kazi Nazrul Islam. He (b) —- our national poet. He (c) —- as a rebel poet as well. But he (d) —-  in a poor family. But dire needs could not (e) —- his personality. When the first World War Broke out, he (f) —- the army. After the war, he (g) —- to write poems. He wrote especially for the down trodden. He (h) —- the Shelly of Bangla Literature. His poems and songs (i) —- the Banglee in Liberation War. So we should (j) —- his footprints in our life.

  • Change the narrative style of the folowing text.                       5

The girl said to the teacher, “Sir, I shall be grateful if you kindly lend me the book you praised highly in the classroom yesterday.” The teacher said, “I have become really happy to know that you are eager to read this book. You are welcome to any of my books that you like.” “Thank you, sir,” said the girl. “You are welcome,” said the teacher.

  • Change the sentences according to the directions.      1×10=10

(a) The students studying regularly can expect a good result. (Make it a complex sentence)

(b) But most of our students are inattentive to their studies. (Make it a negative sentence without changing the meaning)

(c) They waste their valuable time idly.(Use passive voice)

(d) Wasting time is harmful for them.(Make it an interrogative sentence)

(e) By repeating this activity they make a poor result.(Make it a complex sentence)

(f) Who loves them then?(Make it a assertive sentence without changing the original meaning)

(g) They are treated badly even by their family members.(Use active voice)

(h) If a student fails in the examination, he suffers from inferiority complex.(Make simple sentence)

(i) No other student in the class is as bad as a failed student.(Use superlative)

(j) So a student should be aware of studying regularly and attentively so that he can do well in the examination.(Make it a simple sentence)

  • Complete the sentences.                                                    1×5=5

(a) Yesterday I did not get up early from bed because, —–.

(b) As soon as I got up from bed, ——.

(c) As I could not hire a rickshaw, —–.

(d) On the way to school I walked fast lest —-.

(e) If I reached late, —-.

8.  Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis.                                       0.5×10=5

King Solomon was (a) —- (fame) for his (b) —- (wise). He was blessed with (c) —- (ordinary) knowledge and it was really beyond people’s (d) —- (imagine). One day Queen of Sheba wanted to test how wise he was. Soloman was given two kinds of flowers. One was (e) —- (nature) and the other was (f) —-(artifice). As he had a close (g) —- (associate) with nature, he had been (h) —- (success) to differentiate them. In this way, his (i) —- (repute) of (j) —- (multidimension) knowledge spreads all over the world

  • Make tag questions of these statements.                           1×5=5

(a) Everyone is nostalgic in life, —-?

(b) We hardly forget the golden past, —-?

(c) The memories of childhood are always haunting us, —-?

(d) Nothing is more pleasant to man than the sweetest memories of childhood, —-?

(e) There fore, let’s practice it, —-?

  1. Complete the passage using suitable connectors.          1×5=5

It is known to all that gold is a valuable metal. (a) —-, there are many metals cheaper than gold though they like it. (b) —- they glitter for sometime, they fade away in the long run. In our society there are also many people (c) —- are outwardly very gentle and polished. Later on their real identity is revealed (d) —- they do not exercise moral values. That’s why, people say, “ All (e) —- glitters is not gold.”

  1. Use capitals and punctuations marks where necessary in the following text.                                                                          5

why are you going to borisal said father i want to buy some important books said saad do you need money yes father don’t go alone as time is not going well

Part B-  (Composition)-40

  1. Suppose, you are Sayeed/Sayeeda. You have seen a vacancy advertisement for the position of an English Teacher in Monpura High School, Bhola.                                                      8

Now, write a CV with a cover letter for the post.

13.Write an E-mail to your friend inviting him to visit your country. 10

  1. Write a paragraph in 250 words on ‘Internet.          10
  2. Write a composition on ‘your Aim in life’.                           12